About the Journal

Humanities & Social Sciences (Humanit. Soc. Sci.) is an international, open access journal which publishes works from a wide range of fields, including archaeology (cultural, social and linguistic), anthropology, business, communication, complex networks, criminology & penology, cultural studies, demography, development studies, digital humanities, economics, education, environmental studies (in the context of areas such as education, law, policy, sociology and economics), ethics, film studies, finance, gender, race & diversity studies, geography (human and integrative), health and medical humanities, health policy & services (including systems, management, financial analysis and provision, healthcare ethics and policy), history, history of art & architecture, hospitality, human behavior, leisure, sport & tourism, information science & library science (including bibliometric studies), international relations, international political economy, language & linguistics, law, literature, management, media studies, music and the arts, operational research, philosophy, political science, psychology (excluding clinical psychology or neuroscience), urban studies, religion, risk management, science/technology & society, sociology, social work, social policy, theatre & performance, transdisciplinary humanities, visual culture,  and so on.